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ISO 10014:2021 – Guidance for realizing financial and economic benefits

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ISO 9001:2015 is a well-trodden quality management standard across many sectors. It espouses an organisations need to consistently demonstrate products and services are meeting customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. And, through the application of an effective management system sets out to enhance customer satisfaction with a focus on processes and continuous improvement.

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What is not so well accepted is the value of ISO 9001:2015 for the organisation as a whole.

Hot off the press is the publication of ISO 10014:2021 – Guidance for realizing financial and economic benefits, which complements ISO 9001:2015’s quality management principles to “monitor and manage trends in key performance metrics” and enable an organisation to “take improvement action based on the observed metrics”.

This guidance document moves ISO 9001:2015 beyond the quality focus to a point where it is a leadership tool for sustainability and growth.

No longer should ISO 9001:2015 only be considered a prerequisite for market entry or providing customer assurance, it should now also be firmly positioned as the basis for good business practice and an enabler for success.

Read more about the ISO Management Standards, and the “Cost of Ownership” here.

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