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Dynamic Positioning

It is a requirement from classification societies for a DP-capable vessel to be surveyed, tested and audited periodically to ensure the reliability of the Dynamic Positioning system and the group of components it encompasses. Such audits also take into consideration the management of DP operations and maintenance of related machinery and equipment/systems.
Typical marine vessels making use of Dynamic Positioning systems include:

ROV support vessels, Diving Support Vessels (DSVs),  Platform supply vessels (PSVs), Semi-sub mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs), Drillships, Crane Vessels, Floating-Production-Storage and Offloading Units (FPSOs), maritime research vessels, marine survey ships, scientific research vessels, wind farm service vessels, pipe laying vessels, cable laying vessels, rock dumping vessels, shuttle tankers, semi-sub flotels and mega yachts.

Vassallo Associates provides in-house tailored DP consultancy and services for DP-1, DP-2 and DP-3 vessels. Our highly experienced team operating from our offices in Malta and the United Kingdom can offer the following DP services worldwide:

  • DP FMEA Writing and Proving Trials
  • Design of DP Annual Trials (including remote trials)
  • DP Annual Audits (including remote trials)
  • 5-yearly DP FMEA reverifications
  • DP Operational Manual compilation
  • DP specification review
  • DP Assurance Audits & Mobilisation Trials
  • Consultancy on conversions & upgrades from DP-1 to DP-2 and DP-2 to DP-3 (including gap analysis)
  • IMCA eCMID Audits
  • Related operational risk assessments
  • Incident Investigations related to DP failures
  • Expert witness

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Dynamic Positioning Vessel

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