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ISO Management Systems

ISO Management Systems are the backbone of many organisations, and these organisations often expect their supply chain partners to reciprocate with similar standards, alongside the mandatory inclusion of ISO compliance within tenders.

Do you know which Management Standards are relevant to your business now, and can enable growth and a competitive edge, or are you simply reacting to the market trends?

iso management systems

Do you need support to navigate the ISO systems to ensure you are planning ahead and positioning yourself for the challenges and opportunities that the future will bring?

Vassallo Associates’ business advisory practice has extensive experience in ISO Management Systems, Security and Business Continuity Management. We have successfully supported numerous clients with ISO 9001 implementations, and many more clients with ISO certifications as Integrated Management Systems.

Browse the links below to learn more about the various ISO Management Systems and how implementation will help you to:

  • Demonstrate that your business is robust and sustainable.
  • Position yourselves to seize the opportunities that will be presented as you focus on recovery and growth.
  • Ensure that your business is prepared to weather future disruptions without reducing your quality or service.

Example Case Studies

Vassallo Associates have successfully supported over 60 clients with ISO 9001 and 50 clients with either ISO 27001, ISO 45001 or ISO 14001 certifications as Integrated Systems over the last twelve months.

Here we have listed some case studies which demonstrate our experience delivering integrated and EHS ISO Management System implementations. As a rule, we do not share client details due to the nature of the work and specific circumstances of our clients, and the case studies have therefore been anonymised. We are happy to provide references for the first two case studies if this would be helpful, however, we will need to seek permission from the clients before providing contact details.

1. Telecommunications Organisation

We engaged with the London office of this Dubai based Telecommunications & Security organisation whose operations span Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our role was to lead the implementation of an integrated management system incorporating ISO 9001, 27001, 14001 and 45001.


  • Achieved their overarching objective to be eligible for tendering to a Chinese multinational technology company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong.
  • In addition, they benefitted from process control enhancements and document management improvements to facilitate the existing siloed international structure.

2. Oracle Solution Provider

We worked with this Oracle Cloud technology Products and Services organisation on their ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 integrated implementation covering two sites, one in London and the second in Hyderabad, India. Starting from a zero-based foundation, without any document structure or filing management standard we built up a consistent and globally adopted solution set.


  • Enhanced security and process controls reflective of a 24/7 operation.
  • Legal compliance assurance to facilitate the breadth of their operations.
  • Developed team collaborations across the globe through greater familiarity and communications that the implementation introduced.

3. Technology and Social Media Marketing Group

Supported the Management Systems Certification implementation exercise for the Group and their subsidies. Engaged with leadership across the business to ensure a joined-up approach. Introduced good practice processes, documentation and templates to ensure both compliance with ISO requirements and strategic alignment with their business.


  • Internationally recognised certification, and understanding of the value ISO Management Systems Standards introduce.
  • Enhanced requirements of supply chain partners.
  • Business case validated for integration of complimentary ISO Management Systems Standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

4. International Marine and Engineering Consultancy

This consultancy had 37 offices worldwide with a large presence in Asia Pacific. As the Regional HSEQ Officer (Europe and Africa), provided inhouse management of the Management Systems including identifying national and regional HSEQ requirements, incorporating them into documentation, benchmarking company performance across industry standards, and maintaining the certification. Technical authorship of HSEQ documentation including procedures, plans, forms, work instructions and flow charts.


  • A consistent approach to OH&S across the region, with assurance through internal audit and leadership engagement.
  • Robust safety management programme aligned to leadership lead and lag KPIs.
  • Communication of change and upskilling of personnel.

5. Multinational Oil and Gas Company

Provided consultancy on HSEQ across Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, and offshore Angola – managing the Global Operating Management System (OMS) and supplier compliance. Reviewed information management systems and requirements and produced management system documentation for OHS.


  • Standardised documentation set to enable and raise compliance levels across the multiple jurisdictions
  • A consistent approach to auditing with rolling multi-year programme ensured baseline standards for OH&S across the supply chain.

The ISO standards can best be summarised as the process of providing a framework for doing things in an agreed way, this helps to make products and services compatible so that they fit and work well together. A good example of a standard that is known all over the world is the ubiquitous A4 sheet of paper, this sheet will, of course, fit in any A4-compatible printer or photocopier in any country. ISO standards and processes allow businesses to benefit from similar very specific and defined standards, meaning that they can be confident that their product or service will fit the requirements of a local or global customer base. ISO certification increases credibility and trust and promotes best practice which helps to encourage trade.

Learn more about ISO standards by watching this video courtesy of the International Organisation for Standardisation.

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