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Vassallo Associates is a team of dedicated, experienced professionals with an established heritage in Malta, where we have been providing surveying and advisory services to the maritime industry since 1870.

With the addition of a UK-based operations hub, we have developed to become a specialist GRC consultancy practice, with an enhanced capability to provide a portfolio of Operational Improvement, Security and Resiliency services aligned to ISO Management Standards and good industry practice.

These services support a select portfolio of clients operating across multiple jurisdictions and industry sectors.

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Developing together

Our success is dependent on our people and the values they stand for, which is why we seek to attract only the highest calibre of associates and consultants, each with established expertise in their respective fields.

We have six core values that our associates and consultants believe in and live by:

Vassallo Associates’ people are safe, ethical, innovative, responsive, quality and cost-conscious, and driven to deliver in all that they do.

Vassallo Associates stands for technical excellence, delivering services of the highest quality. We know that those standards would not be possible without the commitment, and dedication of our people. That’s why our People Excellence strategy supports their career progression and rewards their success as they shape ours.

We believe that united we are a stronger organisation and that every single person regardless of role, location or length of service, contributes to the well-being of our success. Together we can achieve your goals.

Get our expert consultants working with you

Mistakes have huge impacts. As expert consultants, our clients trust us to help them operate their assets effectively and safely.

Our ‘Right First Time’ initiative focuses our people’s attention on the importance of ensuring that we achieve the needs of every client and provide them with the tools to achieve that goal.

We treat quality, like safety, as a mandatory requirement in our work. We make it everyone’s responsibility and strive to get it right the first time.

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