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Marine Surveys and Inspection Services

Through the combined expertise of our Marine Surveyors, Master Mariners and Engineers, Vassallo Associates offers a broad range of inspection services focused on marine compliance and safety.
We operate out of offices based in Malta and London and can travel to perform marine surveys and consultations anywhere in the world.

Our consultants can serve as an extension of our client’s resources by becoming independent client representatives, and overseeing sensitive operations both on and offshore.

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In conjunction with our engineering consultants, we can offer marine assurance services such as checking and approval of loadout, transportation and installation of structures, modules and decks, towed pipeline bundles and subsea installations.

Our services include:

  • Hull & machinery surveys
  • Ultrasonic hatch cover tightness test
  • ISM audits and development
  • Pre-purchase surveys and evaluation
  • Condition surveys
  • Legal and arbitration expert witness
  • Marine assurance
  • On/off hire inspections
  • Regulatory gap analysis
  • Risk assessments, HAZIDs, HAZOPs, etc
  • Safety surveys
  • Suitability surveys
  • Failure investigation
  • Witnessing Services
  • Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)
  • Client representation
  • Consulting and support on the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 and implementation of the Seafarers Employment Agreement

Our strength lies in providing truly independent marine inspection and surveying services. Our services are specially retained by marine underwriters, vessel owners and operators and ship management companies.
Our firm acts as correspondents for leading Hull and Machinery (H&M) insurers and our marine engineers deal with groundings, engine breakdowns, collisions, flooding damage and fire damages. Our marine surveyors have heightened experience in dealing with insurers in order to know what to look for and recommend for the Owners and underwriters. As part of our services we can assist with:

  • Identify the cause of damage
  • Estimate repair cost and repair period
  • Issuing a call for Tenders and obtaining quotations
  • Recommended action
  • Salvage
  • Follow up on repairs
  • Review the repair/damage cost

Our marine surveyors provide first-class and professional marine surveys with particular emphasis on preventive actions and safety. We have strong marine warranty capabilities covering pre-planning, risk assessment and approval/design of sea fastening arrangements.

We have a growing extensive superyacht survey offering relied upon by top players in the yachting industry. We appreciate the complexity of superyachts and their systems, as well as their expected high level of specification and performance. Our yacht surveys can be tailored to the needs of the client for any stage of a superyacht’s life cycle. We produce survey reports that are concisely supported by clear, constructive conclusions and observations.

Cargo Surveys

Vassallo Associates has been effecting most types of Cargo Surveys to both local and international clients since the company’s beginning. Our clients range from most marine-related sectors, such as P&I Clubs, Insurance Companies, Shipping Lines, Port Operators, Freight Forwarding Companies, Importers and Exporters. Our team of cargo surveyors consist of well-dedicated professionals, delivering high-quality surveying and consultancy, combining their longstanding experience and appropriate education with a sense of efficiency and commitment to high ethical standards.

Our services include:

  • Pre-shipment condition surveys:
    To ascertain the condition of cargo prior to shipping to ensure its same condition upon arrival at destination
  •  Cross stuffing surveys:
    To monitor, coordinate and secure the movement of cargo from one unit to another. To report damages that may have taken place, prior to or during the cross stuffing operation taking place
  • Container inspections and surveys
  • Frozen & refrigerated cargo surveys
    Due to the delicate nature of such cargo, our surveyors can be available within hours of the first notification, ensuring any principal a reliable and experienced partner with many years of experience in this field, covering most types of fruits, vegetables and other perishable cargos
  • Bulk cargo
  • Lashing Surveys
  • Various types of damage surveys
  • Tallying surveys:
    An effective step to avoid shortage claims is to effect a tally survey of the cargo at points of shipment
  • Pre-loading & out-turn surveys
  • Household goods and or personal effects surveys
  • Cargo holds inspection:
    Prior to loading, the cargo spaces are inspected for suitability for the intended cargo which is to be loaded, in terms of cleanliness, coating, corrosion and previous cargo contamination
  • Superintendence on loading & discharge (load & stow surveys)
  • Damaged cargo sales via the salvage market
  • Assessing/coordinating repair costs of containers and trailers
  • Investigations – pilferage reports
  • Non-delivery & short-shipped investigation surveys
  • Claims management services

With a heritage of over 150 years, our firm boasts refined technical expertise and has experience in many different countries. Our surveyors and consultants have worked in countries across the world such as France, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, the US, France, Libya, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Guyana, Trinidad, Mexico and Russia. We are also proud to have an appointed Government surveyor acting on behalf of Transport Malta as a part of our team.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements with a Vassallo Associates marine surveyor.

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We operate out of offices based in London and Malta, however, we can travel nationally and internationally to provide client support. We also offer remote consultations if required.
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