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Vassallo Associates is a specialist legal, technical and business advisory practice that has been active since 1870. Our diverse team of professionals have extensive experience in litigation, assurance and business advisory services across multiple industry segments

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Latest Updates

August 9, 2022 in Legal, Technical

Transport Malta CY Notices 7 and 8 – Pleasure Yacht Changeover Guidelines and 9 GHz Radar Requirements For Yachts Less Than 300 GT

Transport Malta has issued Commercial Yachting notices 7 and 8.CY7 is a notice to Yacht Owners, Yacht Operators, Managers, Masters, Owners' Representatives, Appointed Surveyors and Recognised Organisations and describes the…
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August 9, 2022 in Legal, Technical

Transport Malta Port Notice 05/2022 Covid-19 Update

Transport Malta issued Port Notice 05 2022, a COVID 19 Update.PN 05/2022 is a notice to Ship Owners and Operators, Ship Masters and Crew, Ship Agents, Bunker Barges and Service…
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July 19, 2022 in Business Advisory

UKCA Marking To Replace CE Marking For Goods Sold In Great Britain By 1st January 2023.

Almost anyone who has purchased an electrical product in the UK or Europe will have seen a CE sticker in place. The CE mark is the manufacturer's claim that a…
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