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Vassallo Associates is a specialist legal, technical and business advisory practice that has been active since 1870. Our diverse team of professionals have extensive experience in litigation, assurance and business advisory services across multiple industry segments

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Marine Inspections and Surveys

Environmental, Social and Governance

Marine Accident Investigation

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Risk Management

Marine Litigation


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Dynamic Positioning

Marine Audits

Latest Updates

November 8, 2022 in Business Advisory

New Version of ISO 27001 Launched

The International Organization Standardisation (ISO) has published an updated version of ISO/IEC 27001 which is now titled:Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy ProtectionThe amended title really highlights the importance of Cyber…
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November 8, 2022 in Legal, Technical

Transport Malta CY Notice 10 – Alternative Fuel and Bilge Lines Used On Commercial Yachts < 24m

Transport Malta has issued Commercial Yachting notice 10 dated 31st October 2022.CY10 is a notice to Yacht Owners, Yacht Operators, Managers, Masters, Owners' Representatives, Appointed Surveyors and Recognised Organisations. It…
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October 10, 2022 in Business Advisory

Energy Price Rises Will Hit Both Domestic and Business Consumers

Winter is coming to Europe, and so far already in October, there have already been huge demonstrations across the UK in protest to the cost-of-living crisis and energy price rises.…
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