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Vassallo Associates is a specialist legal, technical and business advisory practice that has been active since 1870. Our diverse team of professionals have extensive experience in litigation, assurance and business advisory services across multiple industry segments

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Management Systems

Marine Inspections & Surveys

Cyber Security

Marine Accident Investigation

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Marine Litigation


Claims Management

Cargo Surveys

Supply Chain Risk

Marine Audits

Latest Updates

May 24, 2021 in Technical

Adoption of the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC)

Merchant Shipping Notice 171 Notice to Shipowners, Ship Operators, Managers, Masters, Designers, Builders, Owners’ Representatives and Recognised Organisations It is widely recognised that when considering the operational pattern and risk…
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May 18, 2021 in Business Advisory

ISO 10014:2021 – Guidance for realizing financial and economic benefits

ISO 9001:2015 is a well-trodden quality management standard across many sectors. It espouses an organisations need to consistently demonstrate products and services are meeting customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.…
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April 12, 2021 in Legal

Ship Arrest under Maltese Legislation

It is a well-renowned fact that nowadays around 90% of world trade is carried out through the shipping industry. It thus follows that this same industry is characterised by vast…
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