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UKAS CertCheck Database Is Now Live

By May 24, 2022 July 5th, 2022 No Comments

Update: 05/07/2022

The UKAS CertCheck database is now live at: UKAS CertCheck
Read the article below to learn more about how this database will help your organisation.

UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) has just announced the upcoming launch of UKAS CertCheck, a free online database showing information about the certification status of qualifications issued by UKAS accredited certification bodies. Such certifications include the popular ISO systems as ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, ISO 27001 Information Security Management and ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management.

The UKAS CertCheck database promises to streamline many business compliance processes

Until now, organisations wanting to work with new providers and partners often have had to undergo a time-consuming validation process with supplier questionnaires and checklists being sent back and forth between the quality assurance departments on either side to ascertain the certifications in place and the certification bodies that issued them. Also, unscrupulous organisations have previously been able to bluff their way into business relationships by declaring certification that is not correctly accredited or even wholly false. The new database should allow the user to quickly validate the certification of any organisation that they are considering for (or already have in place) a business relationship.

CertCheck will therefore be a game-changer for anyone working in quality assurance, supply chain management or procurement. The whole supply chain auditing, supplier vetting and procurement process will become more streamlined and much less prone to fraud.
A successful outcome from the launch of this new tool could hopefully pave the way for a global solution moving forwards.

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