Transport Malta CY Notice 9 – Medical Stores on Commercial Yachts

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Transport Malta has issued Commercial Yachting notice 9.

CY9 is a notice to Yacht Owners, Yacht Operators, Managers, Masters, Owners’ Representatives, Appointed Surveyors and Recognised Organisations. It is a reminder to all those concerned about the requirements regarding Medical Stores for all yachts, specified in Section 19 of the Malta Commercial Yacht Code (CYC) 2020. All yachts are required to carry adequate medical stores suitable for their area and range of operation on and the CYC specifies these requirements for both yachts < 24m in length and those ≥ 24m in length.

For yachts < 24m the list of equipment and quantity that must be included in the First Aid Kit can be referred to in Section 19.1.

First aid kit on commercial yachts
CY 9 Describes The Medical Stores Required on Commercial Yachts

For yachts ≥ 24m reference is made to the Merchant Shipping Maritime Labour Convection
, as amended. The Fifth Schedule of these Rules specifies the list of Medicines, Medical
Equipment and Antidotes that need to be carried on board depending on the area of operation
(Category A applies to yachts without navigation area limitations, and Category B applies to yachts
which do not operate beyond 150 nautical miles from safe haven).
The medical stores and their contents shall be inspected and certified at intervals not exceeding
12 months by a qualified pharmacist or doctor.

For full details, please visit the Commercial Yachting notices section of the Transport Malta website.

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