Transport Malta CY Notice 10 – Alternative Fuel and Bilge Lines Used On Commercial Yachts < 24m

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Transport Malta has issued Commercial Yachting notice 10 dated 31st October 2022.

CY10 is a notice to Yacht Owners, Yacht Operators, Managers, Masters, Owners’ Representatives, Appointed Surveyors and Recognised Organisations. It draws attention to the provisions of the Malta Commercial Yacht Code (CYC) 2020 regarding alternative fuel and bilge lines used on Commercial Yachts < 24m in Length.

The requirements state that bilge and fuel lines shall be made of metallic piping. Furthermore, it is allowed to use certified non-metallic piping meeting the requirements of the IMO Fire Test Procedures (FTP) Code.

Also, it should be noted that:
a) ISO 7840 Fire Resistant Hoses may also be accepted as use for fuel lines, and
b) ISO Certified fire-resistant hoses/pipes, such as ISO 13363 certified pipes/hoses, may also be accepted for use on Bilge lines and seawater pipes provided that metallic isolating valve/s is/are fitted to the hull outer shell.

Fire Resistant Hoses May Be Accepted For Use As Fuel Lines

As such, flexible pipes used for fuel, seawater, water-cooled exhaust piping and bilge lines having equivalent certification standards may also be considered by the administration on a case by case basis.

For full details, please visit the Commercial Yachting notices section of the Transport Malta website.

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