Transport Malta Commercial Yachting Notice 5 – Training and Certification of Crew Engaged on Yachts and Workboats (International Voyages)

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Transport Malta has issued Commercial Yachting notice 5.

CY Notice 5 is a notice to Yacht owners, Yacht Operators, Managers, Masters, Owners’ Representative, Appointed Surveyors and Recognised Organisations and explains that the Directorate draws the attention of all concerned to new training programmes developed in conjunction with the industry, that may be provided by accredited training centres that lead to various non-STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) certificates intended to be used on yachts and workboats.

yacht crew training

There are now 6 model courses to assist accredited training centres in developing their own training programmes leading to non-STCW certificates:

1.) Recreational Skipper – Mediterranean Sea – Model Course 1.00 – 2019 Edition;
2.) Master on Yachts Less Than 200 GT and Limited up to 60 Nm from Safe Haven (Non-Tidal Waters) – Model Course 1.01 – 2019 Edition;
3.) Master on Yachts Less Than 200 GT and Limited up to 150 Nm from Safe Haven;
4.) Master on Yachts Less Than 200 GT Unlimited – Model Course 1.03 – 2019 Edition;
5.) Workboat Module (Less Than 200 GT, Carrying 12 Passengers or Less) – Model Course
1.04 – 2020 Edition;
6.) Accredited Engine Course (Yachts) – Model Course 1.05 – 2021 Edition.

Successful completion of the above courses may lead to the issuance of the following non-STCW certificates.

Recreational Skipper and Master on Yachts Less Than Two Hundred (200) Gross Tonnage as well as Accredited Engine Course

For full details of the certificates and requirements, please read the full commercial yachting notice 5.

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