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Marine Warranty Surveying

Vassallo Associates offers Marine Warranty Surveying (MWS) and third-party verification services for a broad range of marine and offshore projects.
Facilitated by the expertise of our specialist Marine Warranty Surveyor consultants, we take pride in having the necessary resources to provide dedicated solutions that meet both the requirements of our clients and their respective insurance providers.

Our services are provided independently of any regulatory authority, designer, installer or manufacturer of hardware, thereby ensuring that no conflicts of interest can arise.

Marine Warranty Surveying

Working closely with a client, our specialist consultants will review all operations activities ensuring that they are properly planned and engineered in full compliance with all pertinent codes and industry standards; and then executed in accordance with appropriate procedures that utilise vessels and equipment suited to the operation.

Vassallo Associates’ MWS and verification service capabilities include the following:

• Cargo
• Vetting
• Loadouts (including skidded, lifted, float-over and trailered methods)
• Sea fastening
• Marine Transportation (including barges and all types of self-propelled vessels)
• Marine Installation (including lifted and float-over methods)
• Mooring/station-keeping systems
• FPSO/vessel hook-up to field systems
• Decommissioning
• Vessel suitability surveys
• Structural surveys
• Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)
• Third-party assessment and analysis
• Launch, tow and installation of pipeline bundles
• Casualty Investigation

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We operate out of offices based in London and Malta, however, we can travel nationally and internationally to provide client support. We also offer remote consultations if required.
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