Transport Malta Merchant Shipping Notice 185 – Mandatory Notification of Tanker Sales – Guidance from the Sanctions Monitoring Board

By January 16, 2024 February 6th, 2024 No Comments

Transport Malta has issued Merchant Shipping Notice 185 for Shipowners, Ship Operators, Managers, Masters, Owners’ Representatives and Recognised Organisations.

The Directorate at this moment notifies all parties involved that, as the national competent authority in Malta for the implementation of sanctions, the Sanctions Monitoring Board (SMB) has released guidelines regarding the regulatory amendments outlined in Article 3q of Council Regulation 833/2014, which is part of the 12th EU sanctions package. The guidelines specifically address the sale or transfer of ownership of tankers intended for the transport of petroleum products or crude oil listed in Annex Annex XXV, falling under HS code ex 8901 20.

The SMB must be notified of tanker ownership transfers

The guidelines specify what data must be sent to the SMB in tanker sales notifications. The SMB has also released a reporting form on the notification requirements for tanker ownership transfers.

It is recommended that all parties involved use the template and adhere to the SMB guidelines when notifying the SMB of tanker sales.
The full notice can be viewed on the Transport Malta Shipping Notices page.

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