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Integrated Management Systems – Readiness Assessment

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Integrating management systems not only reduces effort and improves efficiencies in your systems, it also enables you to derive better value from them as an organisation.

Our online readiness assessment trial has ended for now, thanks to all who took part. Please contact us directly and one of our consultants will be happy to arrange a personalised assessment in order to ascertain your requirements.

ISO Standards typically have a standard framework of clauses known as the High-Level Structure (HLS) which provides the basis for the management systems. However, when individual departments implement standards in isolation from the rest of the business a host of issues materialise. These include:

• Lack of cohesion with core parts of the business
• Compromising priorities amongst leadership sponsors
• Uphill struggles to maintain and recertify standards
• Duplication of effort, technologies and materials
• Inefficiencies in management and auditing of systems

This will inevitably introduce risk and vulnerabilities and lead to your management systems not having the expected impact for your business, your partners or your clients.

By taking a broader view of your organisation and the various standards you have (or need), you will be able to mitigate a number of these issues.

Vassallo Associates can help you to achieve your multi-disciplinary goals within your integrated Management Systems and enhance your organisations’ performance, align business strategies, and help embed the principles of continuous improvement deeper within your company.

Our approach considers the depth and breadth of your organisation, alongside your existing ISO Management Standard compliance and alignment activities. We will work with you to develop a tailored operating model for your ISO Management Systems that addresses your internal and external drivers and strategic direction.

integrated management systems

Working with Vassallo Associates to adopt this approach you will benefit through:

• Having a single source of truth for documentation across your organisations.
• A streamlined approach to managing common requirements such as policies, nonconformance logs, risk registers and management reviews.
• Using a single internal/ external audit plan for multiple certifications.
• Embedding a transparent and joined up continuous improvement culture.

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