Fitting of Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) Equipment on Passenger Ships and Domestic Passenger Vehicles

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Notice to owners and operators of Passenger Ships and Domestic Passenger Vessels, Masters and Crew of Passenger Ships and Domestic Passenger Vessels, Marine Terminals and Marine Facilities.

Transport Malta has released a port notice Ref: TM/PYD/04/2022.

The purpose of the notice is to inform Owners, Operators, Masters and Crew of passenger ships and domestic passenger vessels that with effect from 21st December 2023, such passenger ships and vessels will be required to be fitted with Automatic Identification System (AIS) equipment (CLASS A), unless already fitted.

This requirement is to assist the Authorities Vessel Traffic Services in monitoring and coordinating the movements of maritime traffic to enhance the safety of navigation, and the security and efficiency of marine operations and shipping movements; and is in line with provisions prescribed in the Commercial Vessels Regulations (S.L. 499.23). The fitting of AIS will also assist in the obligations emanating from Directive 98/41/EC, as amended.

The full port notice can be read here.

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