Covid-19 Protocol For Crew Changes

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Covid-19 Protocol For Crew Changes Malta

1. The travel of persons employed as crew on board sea going ships for repatriation and change of crew is considered as necessary and essential and an exemption, in terms of LN 244 of 2020, as amended, may be granted for crew members to join ships at Maltese Ports and Anchorages.

2. Crew changes for persons originating from countries listed in LN 244 of 2020, as amended are subject to the requirements as applicable to other travellers in line:

a. Standard Operating Procedure for Public Health Travel Declaration Forms
b. Standard Operating Procedure for Passenger Locator Forms

3. Crew changes from other countries are permitted subject to compliance with following:

a. Submission of forms as applicable in para 2.

b. Seafarers (crew) intending to join a ship in Malta be tested for the presence of the COVID- 19 virus in an accredited laboratory 48-72 hours prior to their travelling to Malta.

c. Negative results and clean bill of health to be forwarded to the, Port Health Medic on and copied to for approval and following which travel to Malta will be permitted. Results not in the English language are to be accompanied by a translation and certified by the Embassy.

d. Clearance by the Port Health medic is to be attached to the Public Health Travel Declaration Form and presented to the check in desk on departure.

e. Masks/Visors are to be worn by the passenger during the flight, at the Malta International Airport.

f. Upon arrival, crew members to be picked up by company representative to proceed directly to the vessel, where they are to remain in isolation for 14 full days.

g. In the case that crew must wait for a number of hours for the arrival of the vessel they areto proceed directly to a temporary accommodation and stay in isolation until they are transferred onto vessel. Location is to be communicated to the Port Health Medic and  copied to

h. Crew joining a vessel which is to remain in any Maltese Port are to be admitted directly into quarantine for 14 full days in isolation and tested for the presence of the COVID 19 virus on their 13th day of quarantine. Test result is to be communicated to the Port Health Medic.

i. On arrival of the new crew members on-board, the relieved seafarers would proceed directly to the airport to take their outbound flight or to self-isolation until they are due to take their outbound flight.

j. PPEs and other precautionary measures as required by Health Authorities to be complied with throughout the whole passage.

Version 2.0/2020

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