Transport Malta Has Issued Commercial Yachting Notice 2 – Extended Range Tender Guidelines

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Transport Malta are now going to issue Commercial Yachting Notices to communicate matters that it wishes to bring to the industries attention. It is the responsibility of every yacht owner, operator and manager to bring the notices to the timely attention of all masters and officers engaged on Malta flagged yachts and to ensure compliance therewith. The CY Notices are applicable to all Commercial Yachts flying the Malta Flag. All notices will be available from:

Commercial Yachting Notice 2 describes new guidelines applicable to Malta Flag Commercial Yacht tenders which are <= 24 Metres length of hull and which are designated as an appurtenance and falling under the registration certificate of the Mother Yacht. These guidelines will be applicable from 1st June 2022.

Commercial yacht tenders must adhere to new guidelines

The main requirements of the new guidelines are as follows:

• As per CYC Section 22, extended range tenders ≤ 24m in length, shall be certified in accordance with the EU Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU, as amended, to a minimum of Design Category B.

• A CE Certified tender shall be issued with a Builder’s Declaration of Conformity. Other types/categories/standards of internationally recognised certification regimes may be accepted by the Administration on a case-by-case basis.

• A tender shall never carry more than 12 passengers and it shall never exceed the maximum number of persons as shown on the CE Builder’s Plate for Designed Category B or A.

• Extended Range Tenders shall be fitted with safe and strong handholds and it is recommended that they be fitted also with safe seating arrangements. Railings and inflatable tubes shall not be considered parts of the seating arrangements.

• Extended Range Tenders are to be provided with adequate mooring arrangements, an anchor and anchor cable appropriate for the size of the tender. The anchor cable shall be capable of being used also as a towline.

• The Extended Range Tender should be adequately and safely manned. The manning of the tender shall never jeopardise the safety manning of the mother yacht.

Insurance Requirements

• Extended Range Tenders shall be issued with adequate insurance coverage which should at least cover Third Party liabilities. The tender’s insurance policy may be incorporated in the mother yacht’s insurance policy.

Survey and Certification

• Extended Range Tenders shall be surveyed in conjunction with the mother yacht during the mother yacht’s Initial/Renewal Survey and also during the mother yacht’s Intermediate Survey (for mother yachts < 24m) or during the 2nd or 3rd-year mother yacht’s Annual Survey (for mother yachts ≥ 24m.

• For existing yachts, the Initial Extended Range Tender survey may be carried outside the mother yacht’s survey window. The subsequent periodical tender surveys will be aligned with the mother yacht’s survey window. The tender’s survey dates will be shown on the Tender’s Certificate.

• Extended Range Tenders shall be surveyed by the same Appointed Surveyor/RO surveying the mother yacht for compliance with the Commercial Yacht Code. Tender(s) details and survey outcome shall be duly included in the mother yacht’s survey report and the tender(s) shall be mentioned on the COC.

• Upon satisfactory completion of the surveys, the attending surveyor shall issue a Commercial Yacht Extended Range Tender Survey Report using the dedicated Form: TM Commercial Yachts Extended Range Tender Survey Report.

• The TM Commercial Yachts Extended Range Tender Survey Report together with a copy the tender’s Certification and a copy of the Builder’s Declaration of Conformity shall be sent to the Administration. Upon the satisfactory review of the survey report, and upon payment of the necessary fee, the Administration will issue a Commercial Yacht Extended Range Tender certificate.

There are also detailed tubulated requirements stating the equipment that such tenders must have as a minimum. The full PDF of the guidelines can be downloaded from the Transport Malta website here.

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