Transport Malta Commercial Yachting Notices 3 and 4 Highlighting Minimum Basic Wage and Battery Charging and Storage on Commercial Yachts

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Transport Malta has issued Commercial Yachting notices 3 and 4.

CY Notice 3 is a notice to Yacht owners, Yacht Operators, Managers, Masters, Owners’ Representative, Appointed Surveyors and Recognised Organisations and explains that in accordance with rule 51 of the Merchant Shipping Rules, the minimum basic wage of a calendar month of service for an able seafarer shall not be less than USD 658 on 1st January 2023, as of 1st January 2024 it shall be not less than USD 666 and as of January 2025, it shall be not less than USD 673.

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CY Notice 4 is a notice to the same audience as CY3 above and explains that as Yachts grow in size the form and function of the garages and storage spaces are also evolving. This has lead to an increase in risks associated with fire. In an attempt to address these risks, the Malta Commercial Yacht Code has been amended. It has been found that there are risks with storing Lithium-Ion batteries including batteries for electric tenders and toys. As such it is crucial that:

a) Surveyors/Designers/Yacht Builders/Masters are well acquainted with the up-to-date
requirements of the CYC;
b) Existing Yachts should meet the updated requirements of the CYC;
c) Any deviations from the requirements of the CYC shall be duly approved by this
d) Crew onboard yachts are well aware of the associated risks/hazards and are well trained
in order to deal with an eventuality of a fire;
e) Masters should ascertain their yacht’s fire/smoke/gas detection and fire suppression
equipment is fully functional and well maintained at all times;
f) Any suspect/defective/problematic battery packs should immediately be disembarked
from the yacht.

The full details from both notices can be read here Commercial Yachting Notices – Transport Malta (

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