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Yacht Surveys and Technical Consultancy

Vassallo Associates provides technical consultancy and surveying services for the through-life operation of luxury and super yachts. We manage projects from the initial concept or change of ownership stages by assisting with an array of technical and consultancy services covering:

Pre-Purchase and Condition Surveys
We undertake pre-purchase surveys, advising potential buyers on the condition of the yacht that they wish to purchase. We have the expertise to survey all types of yachts, of all materials, including high-performance sailing and motor yachts. The purchase of a superyacht or other high-cost vessel is a big commitment and an experienced yacht surveyor will give you the peace of mind to know that you are making the right choice.
Yacht Safety Compliance
We can provide complete ISM and ISPS support in addition to a full array of safety and security services and audits. We have extensive experience with implementing Safety Management Systems across a variety of vessels ranging from full ISM Safety systems (commercial registered + 500GT) to Mini ISM systems (24 m – under 500 GT).

Superyacht surveys and full technical services available
superyacht surveys

Malta Flag Pre-Registration and Periodic Surveys
Our Malta Government-approved surveyors can conduct pre-registration surveys on behalf of the Malta Flag to initiate the process of registering a yacht with the Malta flag. Such surveys are carried out in accordance with the Commercial Yacht Code issued by the Maltese Flag Administration. If any non-conformities in relation to the commercial yacht code are identified, we can guide our clients to find the best way to address such non-conformities.
Malta-registered commercial yachts ≥ 24m in length must carry out annual surveys during the 5-year validity of the COC. The Annual Surveys shall be carried out within 3 months before or after each anniversary date. Renewal Surveys shall be carried out within three months prior to the expiry of the COC. Survey due dates are indicated on the COC. Malta registered commercial yachts < 24m length, shall carry out an Intermediate Survey between the 2nd and 3rd year from the Initial/Renewal anniversary date, whilst a Renewal Survey shall be carried out within three months prior to the expiry of the COC. Our approved surveyors have the capacity to carry out these surveys on behalf of the Malta Flag Administration.
Risk Assessment
Our expertise in investigating marine casualties provides us with unrivalled insight into the causes of accidents, risk prevention, mitigation and awareness. We use this insight, including extensive statistical analysis, to provide onboard and shoreside risk assessments.
Cyber Security
Many modern yachts are now utilising the latest digital technologies to manage the vessels crucial systems such as navigation, engine management and more. Yacht owners and onboard personnel will also often use the onboard communications systems to conduct personal and private business. The implications of a remote attack on such systems are huge, in many cases much more significant than an attack on a conventional computer network such as a land-based office environment.
We can advise on all aspects of maritime cyber security and ensure that your yachts vulnerabilities to cyber-attack are fully addressed.
Damage Surveys and Casualty Investigation
We are regularly called upon by the insurance industry to investigate and report on casualties for both P&I Clubs and Hull & Machinery underwriters. With our depth of experience and expertise in undertaking damage surveys, we are able to quickly and efficiently assess the scale of damages, the steps required to undertake repairs and the likely cost of doing so.
Project Management
We can assist with new build and refit projects. Through involvement in concept development, project definition, drafting of technical specifications, shipyard and contractor due diligence, on-site supervision, milestone surveys, commissioning and acceptance trials, we can be your trusted and independent partner, every step of the way.
Owner’s Representation
Representing the Owner’s interests during a new build or refit, technical negotiations or in any situation in which the Owner requires the benefit of knowledgeable independent technical support and advice is all part of our service repertoire to superyacht clients. However complex or large the project, we have the experience and skills needed to add value to the Owner.

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