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Corporate Security

Managing the risks, protecting your reputation

Cyber Security is now part of the common vernacular from the boardroom to the shop floor, but it only addresses one segment of the security risk exposure your organisation faces. Corporate Security encompasses the breadth of your security risk disciplines from people through processes to assets. Understanding this landscape and implementing a governance framework to manage your risk exposure is critical to your sustainability.

Looking at your organisation as a whole, security risks are prevalent across everything you do and introduced by your people, clients, partners and third-party providers. Recognising the lack of a comprehensive Corporate Security framework1 which considers all the constituent parts of an organisations security landscape we have developed an approach that looks to redress this situation. Our framework inculcates governance and facilitates 3 Lines of Defence requirements for regulated entities, and…

  • Considers all the disparate security elements that inform your security posture, including personal security and travel, physical security, third party risk and supply chain security
  • Aligns with the High-Level Structure (HLS) of the key ISO Management System Standards
  • Encourages Plan-Do-Check-Act continuous improvement

Corporate Security

Utilising our specialist Security & Resilience and ISO HSEQ Lead Auditors, we can help you to:

your reputation

Protect assets

your critical assets

Reduce the losses incurred through accident, third party negligence or malicious activities, including insider threats

reduce losses

efficiencies in your security operations

Your contact for Corporate Security information:

Dan Breger
Principal Consultant
Mobile: +44 (0) 797 167 8039

Our consultants have supported SMEs and multi-national corporations across Public Sector, Financial Services, FMCG, Aviation and Utilities (to name a few) to understand and address their Corporate Security risks. We have demonstrably reduced operational expenditure on a global level and managed risk exposure through greater assurance and accountability.

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1 Elements of Corporate and Physical Security are considered within common security frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST and NERC CIP, and for discrete topics, there are ISO standards such as Supply Chain Risk (ISO 28000) and Business Continuity (ISO 22301) and frameworks such as JSP440 for Physical Security (MoD).