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Claims Management

Vassallo Associates is the designated correspondent in Malta for P&I Clubs (Protection and Indemnity). Our unit of specialist consultants has built a solid reputation for its expertise across all aspects of shipping casualty work, and regularly receives instructions from P&I Clubs, Hull & Machinery Insurers, ship owners and operators. We provide unparalleled local expertise, dealing with all instances of:

  • Cargo damage or loss
  • Damage to fixed and floating objects
  • Diversions and deviations
  • Fines and criminal investigations
  • Fires and explosions
  • Collisions, grounding and salvage
  • Persons overboard or missing
  • Personal injury, crew illness and death
  • Pollution
  • Refugees and stowaways
  • Stevedore damage or other damage caused by third parties
  • Structural failures, including loss of propulsion or steerage
  • Towage and damage caused to or by a tug
  • Violent acts, piracy, robbery and others

claims management services

Our members are highly experienced at conducting on-site casualty investigations, obtaining and preserving evidence, and working with regulatory authorities. Contact us today to discuss your claims requirements.

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We operate out of offices based in London and Malta, however, we can travel nationally and internationally to provide client support. We also offer remote consultations if required.
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