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Administration Risk Exposure

Managing the risks, protecting creditor value

Through exposure to a number of high profile corporate administrations in the retail, construction, services, utilities and maritime industries we have become astute at mobilising our capabilities to quickly identify gaps in the risk management space, and develop a roadmap to ensure critical risks are identified and prioritised whilst you focus on the corporate challenges.

When you are appointed as an administrator there are key considerations at the front of your mind:

  • Exploring options to sustain the business as a going concern
  • Managing the incumbents within the business
  • Realising the assets to drive creditor value
  • Achieving the best result for the company’s creditors


There are risks that can have significant detrimental effects
through this period, which are amplified through redundancy processes, with risk management and aligned functions such as Health, Safety and Security lacking key personnel.

  • This can result in breaches of the Health & Safety in the Workplace Act (1974), though unsafe working conditions
  • Critical assets being unprotected
  • Vacant sites open to abuse from external parties

Your contact for Administration Risk Exposure information:

Dan Breger
Principal Consultant
Mobile: +44 (0) 797 167 8039

All of these risks can dramatically reduce creditor value and hinder any strategies for company sustainability or asset realisation.

However, applying a risk-based approach to qualify and quantify this exposure, at every stage of the process, will enable you to quickly and effectively demonstrate you are managing these material risks responsibly. We recognise the touchpoints that can introduce risks during an administration period, and can support you to manage them responsibly.
Utilising our specialist team of ISO HSEQ Lead Auditors, and Security & Resilience Specialists, we can help you to:

  • Protect organisational value.
  • Avoid heavy losses be it through accident, third party negligence or malicious activities.

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