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The firm H. Vassallo was established in 1870 as a private company by Henry Vassallo, a prominent businessman at a time when business activities in Malta were carried out by a very limited number of people. Since its early days the firm was involved in the marine and insurance fields.

Existing records show that on the 20 June 1910, Charles, son of Henry Vassallo, officially joined the firm he took over completely after his father passed away. The firm initially traded as A. Duncan & Co and in fact an extract from LLOYD MALTESE No. 31,767 of Friday, February 16, 1940, makes reference to that firm. Subsequently, following the war effort, the company continued trading as H. Vassallo and eventually took on a leading maritime role in Malta. Interestingly, the firm still retains in its library a good number of hand-written correspondence dating back to 1800 with the then Hull Clubs.

The firm is today managed by John Bugeja, a maritime lawyer by profession, and operates out of offices in Valletta (Malta) and London (UK).

The firm remains very closely involved in providing risk and claims management services to the marine field but has evolved into a specialist Governance, Risk and Compliance practice that helps businesses across multiple sectors identify, assess and mitigate against risks affecting their operations in the areas of safety, environmental, quality, and security concerns.