Asset Management

Vassallo Associates uses collective knowledge and experience from more than 140 years as a maritime company to provide user-focused solutions that are truly integrated, cost- effective and fit-for-purpose.

Vassallo Associates provides you with peace of mind, delivering thorough and consistently high quality surveying and marine consulting services to the Marine and Insurance industries.

As a leading marine services provider and correspondent in Malta for all P&I Clubs in the International Group, we possess unrivalled experience and expertise in all sectors of the marine industry. We have the knowledge and technical understanding to protect your commercial interests and assets by providing independent expert support services.

Technical Management

We may provide full technical management services to ensure that vessels are operated in a safe, reliable, efficient and compliant fashion. Our skilled technical teams monitor vessel performance and condition though regular reporting from the ships and detailed on-board inspections.

  • Management of maintenance and repair plans
  • Shipyard supervision
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Coordination of vetting inspections and post-inspection action planning
  • Safety and security assessments and awareness training as required
  • Internal/external audit corrective action implementation

Project Management

Our independent and informed advice will help you in the field of project management for New Build, Conversion and Refit of any kind of vessel:

  • Plan the project from conception through to commissioning
  • Select the best shipyard, suppliers and craftsmen
  • Handle and negotiate contracts
  • Supervise the various construction, conversion or refit phases
  • Monitor contractors’ technical and financial performance
  • Arrange all of the surveys, manage classification, flag and technical regulatory paperwork
  • Launch and sea trials of vessels.

Vessel Lay Up and Reactivation

Vassallo Associates provides flexible solutions for the lay up, care and reactivation of your vessels, optimising the approach to achieve best value for money whilst ensuring maximum protection of your vessels.

Our lay up and reactivation care packages ensure that the costs of maintaining your vessels in lay up are effectively balanced against budget and future availability requirements. We assess your needs and make recommendations to minimise risks and damage to your vessels to deliver the highest standards of protection and preservation.

Preparation and Lay Up
We provide a full range of services to maintain the effectiveness and retained value of your laid up vessels including:

  • Assessment and recommendation of the most appropriate mode of lay up
  • Identification and arrangement of suitable berths with provision of suitable security and shore services as required
  • Development and implementation of relevant planned maintenance schedules
  • Temporary decommissioning of ship’s systems
  • Liaison with statutory authorities
  • Provision of skeleton or full maintenance crew, all qualified to STCW requirements
  • Vessel husbandry and superintendency
  • Maintenance of certification, charts and publications
  • Predefined inspection and condition reporting schedule

Our reactivation service packages are designed to return your vessels into service at the minimum cost and in the required time frame. Typical services include:

  • Arrangement for all certification to be restored
  • Development and implementation of essential system reactivation schedule
  • Liaison with Original Equipment Manufacturers for essential repair and re-commissioning of machinery and systems
  • Development and implementation of acceptance and handover procedures including a comprehensive program of progressive harbour and sea trials
  • Crew training and familiarisation

Corporate & Accounting

As a financial centre Malta has earned a reputation as a progressive and well regulated jurisdiction and, following accession to the EU in 2004, adoption of the common Euro currency and joint monetary policies, significantly increased its attractiveness for trade. Vassallo Associates can assist with the:

  • Setting up of a new vessel holding corporate vehicle in an appropriate jurisdiction to meet the client’s requirements
  • Flag registration for any type of vessel and including registration of a Foreign Maritime Entity for existing corporate vehicles, if required by the flag registry
  • Provision of full and compliant corporate administration services for the corporate vehicle including tax compliance
  • Management vessel reporting according to the client’s requirements
  • Assistance with crew endorsements to comply with relevant flag requirements
  • Arrangement of and assistance with payments according to requirements
  • Assistance with all crewing requirements and payroll services